With more than 12 years of experience, we support the development of companies by offering quality metal packagings that meet your needs and best represent you to your customers.

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Over the years, we have acquired a real know-how that will allow us to offer you the most appropriate solutions according to your needs.

We can design and imagine your future packaging, propose the packaging that will suit your requirements, plan the production so that you can be delivered on time, and give you all the health guarantees that will allow you to sell your products with complete confidence.

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In addition, the implementation of an optimized production process via a solid network of partners, allows us to bring you more reliability in our exchanges.

Our decorative packaging

Decorative packaging allows you to highlight your notoriety to your audience. Can be used for occasional operations or to highlight your product range, the metal box remains an ideal support to communicate with your consumers.

Raw material:

  • Tinplate, with a glossy, gold or copper finish

High quality printing:

  • Offset printing in 4-colour process (CMYK), we can offer you a high quality finish by adding Pantone colours to accentuate the colours of your decorations.

Finishing varnish:

  •     We also offer a glossy, matt finish or a mix of matt and glossy to enhance the visual aspect.


  • Bring relief to your decorations by embossing certain parts of your decor. Giving a visual plus and a feeling to the touch that will make your packaging unique.

The accessories:

  • Choose a cover that opens with hinges,
  • Add a plastic window to highlight your product,
  • Add an interior structure to keep your product safe,
  • Add a music box system to satisfy the biggest music lovers of your customers.

Design & Conception

With our team of designers we can offer you the design of the packaging that best meets your expectations.

We carry out 3D simulations, allowing us to exchange very quickly on all the details necessary for the design of your packaging.

This period is crucial and premium support is necessary to condition a successful project that will give you complete satisfaction.

A contact person will be able to guide you towards the best solutions available to you, defined according to your expectations.

In the event that you wish to launch your own tooling, we can offer you plastic prototypes that reproduce almost perfectly your future packaging, allowing you to carry out your capacity tests and to handle the product directly in your hands before launching the tooling.

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