Tin-plated iron: An advantageous metal

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The tinplate is an alloy of steel and pewter/tin which /ensuring a high corrosion resistance while being non-toxic. It acts as a natural barrier between the outside and packaged goods. Strong, waterproof and resistant, it is the perfect packaging for the agri-food and cosmetic sector.

The tinplate also has the advantage of being a mouldable material on a discretionary basis. This characteristic enables the manufacturer to create a packaging ideally suited to any goods.

Among the most famous formats, you will find:

  • Tea boxes
  • Mini-case tins
  • Trays
  • Bucket tins

As well as all of our vehicle reproduction tin boxes, under official license.

Once the product has been packed, it will be well protected during the transportation and handling operations.

Moreover, made of endlessly recyclable material, it is fully in line with an eco-driving behaviour.

Thanks to offset printing processes, customisation possibilities can extend to an endless declination of designs with a high-quality finish. It represents then an excellent means of communication.

You can juggle around with colours and textures, an open door for any design!