The life cycle of an order

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As a metal packagings maker, we are called upon to support our customers throughout a vast process that is divided into several phases, each entailing very different aspects. In that respect, in order to guarantee a fully successful production to all of our clients, we are committed to, as a first step, assist them by offering counselling and support during the creation phase (design and conception), then at the time of production and delivery and finally, by ensuring an optimum quality control.


Advice and Support

We make every effort to offer a premium supervision and guarantee a succesful project to our customers.

To do this, we offer a selection of our most suitable packagings from our range of more than 3000 available formats. We also offer a preliminary technical study for all custom packaging needs.

Design and Conception

Our graphic designers are delighted to study the creation of personalized decors for our prospects. Together, we define the needs and proceed to the realization of moodboard, pre-model, 3D rendering and plastic prototype. At the end of these different steps, we will be able to provide the set files in Illustrator/Photoshop or PDF format before the production starts.

We are also delighted to be able to contact our customers' graphic designers. First, we provide the framing plots that allow us to work on the exact dimensions of future packagings. These files are then validated by our teams, in order to achieve a perfect print. Our design office is able to produce 3D renderings to facilitate our exchanges.


Production and Delivery

The production and delivery of metal boxes may take several months to complete. Planning ahead of time is the key to working with peace of mind.

Here is how a typical production is broken down:

  1. The creation of tools involves many tests and synchronization of different operations that will ensure fast and quality production.

This requires, depending on the complexity of the box format, between 1 and 6 months.

  1. 20 or 40 days after receiving the set files, our customers receive their set of Good to Print (TAO).
  2. Once the TAO have been validated, production is launched, which can take from 30 to 50 days.
  3. The goods are then loaded for a sea departure and finally delivered by road, estimated at 40 days depending on the transport risks.

For urgent deliveries, the preference of an air delivery is possible.

Throughout this process, everyone can follow the progress of their productions thanks to our computer tools. We also ensure that we are always available for any questions or information that the customer may need.

Quality control

lity controlIn conjunction with COFRAC and HOKLAS certified laboratories (present in France and Asia), we constantly ensure that the standards in force are respected.

We mandate these laboratories to carry out audits during production or inspect a production before loading.

If you would like more information on this subject, we invite you to read the article "our quality charter" available in the "BLOG" section.